Special Resolution Meeting
Monday 18th March - 7pm

The club has received a proposal to introduce a new class of members.  The committee has accepted the proposal, however, we require a General Meeting of the club to pass this resolution. 

Our ERCA Club Constitution states that we must give 21 days notice in writing of this type of meeting. Those attending the meeting can do so in person or by video/ telecon/ livestream or other similar technology.

In accordance with this, we will be running a teleconference call on Monday 18th March at 7 pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time (Melbourne & Sydney). The Dial-In conference number is (02) 8285 0532. No Password is required. If you are unable to attend this teleconference meeting you may vote for or against this resolution by proxy by emailing Rhys Timms with your vote: rhys.timms@gmail.com

The details of the Special Resolution can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

A copy of our ERCA Model Rules of Incorporation can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

We will be sending out membership renewal notices after this resolution has been decided. If you are currently not a financial member but have previously been a financial member, we will accept your vote in anticipation that you will pay your renewal fees when requested.