About ERCA


The Endurance Rally Club of Australia was formed in 2016 to cater for enthusiasts of endurance rallying who reside in Australia and New Zealand. Membership is available to participants of previous endurance rally events recognised by ERCA, or those who are planning to participate in future endurance rally events. For more information about membership Click Here.


In recent years many Australian have participated in international events like the Peking to Paris and other endurance rallies, and have developed many friendships with fellow Australian, New Zealand and other international participants. ERCA was formed to foster these friendships and provide events and a forum for us to keep in touch and enjoy some rallying and socialising. 

International Membership

On top of the strong interest and membership numbers from Australian rally enthusiasts we've had lots of inquiries from overseas so we have decided to open our club up for International Membership. If you reside outside Australia and  you fulfill the basic criteria of eligibility for membership then we invite you to join our club. Click Here for more details.

In general, ERCA recognise endurance rallies as the type of event organised and run by the Endurance Rally Association, UK and similar organisations (Rally Round, Bespoke Rallies, etc.)